Terms of sale


Online sales website Babyontop.comManaged by the company 5K air lockIs a limited liability company between individuals, inNantesIn numbers Whistle 887 754 570 00018

Prior to this, we hereby declare that these terms and conditions apply to 5K air lockcome fromAny natural or legal personPurchase through websiteBabyontop.comHereinafter referred to as "customer".

These general terms and conditions of sale and purchase orders and order confirmations constitute the sales contract between the parties. 5K air lockAnd customers related to the sale of the products ordered.

Any order on the websiteBabyontop.comCustomers are required to accept all general terms and conditions of sale without reservation in advance.

In case of any objection to the general terms and conditions of sale, the customer shall not use this website.

5K air lockWe reserve the right to adjust or modify the general terms and conditions of sale at any time without prior notice. The adjustment or modification is applicable to any order after adjustment or modification.

In case of change, the general terms and conditions of sale applicable to the customer's order shall be online terms and conditions which have been accepted by the customer on the date of placing the order.


Article 1 - Definitions

Terms and expressions identified in capital letters in the general conditions of sale shall have the meanings set forth below (whether singular or plural).

  • General terms of sale: refers to this document, which is applicable to 5K air lockAnd customers.

  • command: refers to the customer using this website to purchase one or more products or services orders Babyontop.comOr through customer service

  • website: indicates a web site that can be accessed Babyontop.com

  • product: a product or service sold on a website Babyontop.com

  • customer: refers to the natural person or legal person or consumer who uses this website Babyontop.comAnd obtain one or more products to meet their individual needs, subject to general conditions of sale in advance.


Article 2. objective

The purpose of these general terms of sale is to define 5K air lockAnd the terms and conditions applicable to any purchase made through this website Babyontop.com.

By accepting these general terms and conditions of sale, you declare that you have reached the age of majority in the country, state or province where you live and have agreed to allow any dependent minor of you to purchase on this online sales website.

It is forbidden to use our products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

company 5K air lockPossibility of retentionModify these general terms and conditions of sale at any time to comply with any new regulations or to improve the use of the website. Therefore, the applicable terms and conditions will becustomer.


Article 3 tariff

The price on the Internet catalog product list shall be in Euro (Euro), including all taxes (TTC), taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the VAT rate may be reflected in the price of the product.

company 5K air lockWe reserve the right to change the price at any time on the understanding that the catalog price on the order date will be the only price applicable to the customer.

The products are still in the market Babyontop.comUntil the full price is received Babyontop.com.

The products in the promotion will be marked with "promotion" label or stripe price, and our promotion will be valid within the available inventory range at the time of order and during the display period.

For customers outside France,  Babyontop.comOrders shipped to most countries must be subject to VAT under current EU law.

For customers outside the EU and dom-tom, orders do not need to pay VAT, but may need to pay the local tax and customs tax of the receiving country. These rights and amounts do not belong to the Babyontop.com-Yes. They are the responsibility of the customer.

Warning: any inaccurate information provided by customers to evade VAT may lead to civil fines and criminal proceedings.

On site product quotationBabyontop.comExcluding processing and shipping costs, which are charged based on the total order amount on the basis of the price of the purchased product.

Freight rates depend on your country / region and may vary depending on the carrier you choose.


Article 4 command

The contract information shall be submitted in French and shall be confirmed at the time of delivery, including the contract information. company 5K air lockReserves the right to cancel or reject customer orders in dispute with previous order payments.

Order products from website Babyontop.com, the customer must create the account by providing the required information to the registry.

To this end, the customer declares to provide complete and error free personal information for accurate identification under any circumstances. Any false and defamatory personal information may lead to customer account closure and order cancellation.

Account creation entries can be accessed directly from the main menu bar. Every visitcustomerIf you want to order or view your account (order status, personal information, etc.), you must log in with this information.


Article 5 payment

The product price, logistics preparation and delivery costs are fully paid by the customer when placing the order.

website Babyontop.comCustomers may be advised to pay for orders by different payment methods:

  • By bank card:
    After the bank card payment method is selected, the customer will be redirected to the security interface of the payment system to safely notify his personal bank card credentials. If payment is accepted, the order should be recorded and eventually the contract formed. Payment by bank card is irreversible.
  • Via PayPal
  • Pay through Amazon
  • Paid by Apple
  • Alma pays 3 to 4 times

We can make multiple payments from 100 euros. The cost is entirely borne by SAS the5k. If you pay more than once, you agreeAlma customer general terms-Yes. as well asAlma special terms for 5K customers.


    Article 6 Cancellation right

    According to article l121-21 of the consumer code, the customer has 14 working days from the date of receipt of the order to exercise its cancellation right, so as to return the product to the supplier for exchange or refund without paying any fine.

    The product must be returned in its original packaging without use, together with a signed original delivery note.The cost of return is borne by the customer.

    No refund or full exchange of customized products is accepted. If you are not satisfied, please contact us for common ground.


    Article 7. deliver

    The product delivery will be carried out after the order settlement record according to the delivery address specified by the customer when placing the order. The customer will be informed of the shipment by email. Customers can choose different delivery methods.

    Freight is calculated according to the selected delivery method (home, transfer station, post office, etc.), package weight and destination.

    If the delivery date exceeds 30 days, the contract can be returned.

    If the package tracking shows "delivered" or "stored in your customer's mailbox" or any other statement indicating that the package was actually delivered to the post office or a third party transportation partner, the delivery is deemed to have been completed and verified. If the customer disagrees with the delivery, the email received from the email after the investigation / claim begins will be authentic.


    Article 8 guarantee

    All products provided by the company 5K air lockAt the scene Babyontop.com Enjoy the legal protection stipulated in article 1641 and the following articles of the civil code. If the products do not meet the requirements, they can be returned to the company 5K air lockWho will take over, exchange or repay. All claims, exchange or refund requests must be sent by email to:contact@babyontop.comWithin 14 days after delivery.



    Article 9 responsibility

    company 5K air lockThere is only one means of obligation for all stages of entering the site, whether it is ordering, delivery, customer service or follow-up service. responsibility 5K air lockDo not accept any inconvenience or damage inherent in the use of the Internet, in particularData loss, intrusion, virus, service interruption and other unexpected problemsOr any fact that is defined as force majeure according to case law.

    Computer records kept in information system 5K air lockUnder reasonable safety conditions, it should be regarded as 5K air lockAnd customers.


    Article 10 - bank data security

    website Babyontop.com Security system: it uses SSL encryption, but also strengthens all encryption and encryption processes to protect all sensitive data related to means of payment as effectively as possible.


    Article 11 - intellectual property

    All text, comments, books, illustrations and pictures on the site Babyontop.comcopyright, intellectual property and the world. As such, and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only use for private use is permitted, subject to different or even more restrictive provisions of the intellectual property code. Any full or partial reproduction of the site www.babyontop.comis strictly prohibitedwhether they are in the form of a photo, logo, visual or text.


    Article 12. Personal data

    All the data you entrust to the site www.babyontop.com so you can process your orders.
    Under Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to computers, files and freedoms, you have a right to correct, consult or modify and delete the data you have provided to us. This right can also be exercised online.


    Article 13.Force majeure

    Execution bySAS The5Kall or part of its obligations, including delivery, will be suspended in the event of a fortuitous or force majeure case that would hinder or delay its execution. These include, without limiting, the list of wars, riots, insurrections, social unrest and strikes of all kinds. SAS The5Kwill inform clients of the occurrence of a fortuitous or force majeure case within seven days of its occurrence. In the event that this suspension continues beyond a 15-day period, the CLIENT will have the option to terminate the current order, and the price of the products ordered and the delivery costs paid will be refunded. 

    Article 14. Applicable laws and competent courts

    The General Terms of Sale are subject to French law. Only the French version of these General Terms of Sale is authentic. In the event of difficulties ahead of the Order, the delivery of the Products and, more generally, the execution of the sale, the CLIENT will have the opportunity, before any legal action, to seek an amicable solution, especially with the help of a consumer association or any other advice of its choice.


    Article 15. Customer service

    For any information or questions about an order, customer service is available:

    • By phone:+33 (0)7 56 88 88 36

    • By email: contact@babyontop.com

    • postal address:17 Duchess of Maine Avenue, 92330Seals, France