The ultimate accessory. Validated by +30,000 moms

For hospital photos or just to protect small head, turbans are the new accessory. Always with style and very confortable for you and your mini. Discover the accessory Kardashians and Jack Osbourne love so much

  • Comfortable

    The turban do not pull your baby's hair like clips or hard headbands. Our customer said it doesn't fall or move and perfect for inside and out activities.

  • Protection

    Babies heads are larger relative to their bodies than adults', so in chilly environments, they lose heat much faster than full-grown humans. That's why a hat is key to preventing heat transfer and keeping your little one comfortable, warm, and safe in colder months

  • Adorable

    For your hospital photos or to share your new mini's picture with your family, she will look amazing with turban. Even big stars like Khloé Kardarshian or Hillary Duff love it. Trust us, you will too. And you can matches with our adult size your baby style.

Beautiful and quality materials. Handmade with love for your mini.

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We donate for Cancer patients

For girls and women fighting cancer and loosing their hair, our turbans are a great option to wigs. They are styled and give an amazing look. We donate to hospital a part of our stock.