February 21, 2014

6.30-11.00 pm

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Studio Akko invites you to get inspired and meet someone who doesn't do what you do.



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Adriane Tidona

Adriane Tidona is part of the Community Connection Team at Etsy, whose goal is to make meaningful connections with the Etsy community through studio visits with sellers and more.



Soraya Darabi

Soraya Darabi is the Co-Founder of Zady and Foodspotting. Zady is a shopping platform and lifestyle destination for consumers who care about the origins of the items they purchase.


Don Undeen

Don Undeen manages the brand new MediaLab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Labs explores ways that new technology affects the museum experience for staff and visitors in galleries, classrooms, and online.


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Artifacts is a quarterly event series that brings groundbreaking creators of vastly different disciplines into conversation with each other. It is the brainchild of Studio Akko, a user experience, design and strategy firm, who specifically masterminded the event to be a salon-style gathering where you can meet someone that doesn’t do what you do. Artifacts was born out of the belief that if creative, innovative people want to solve problems and push the boundaries of their fields, they have to widen their scope.




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About the venue

"Nestled on the ground floor of the New York’s historic Woolworth Building (the city’s tallest building from 1913 until 1930) is a private event space aptly named The Wooly. Native New Yorker and owner Eric Adolfson—whose father has worked in the building as a lawyer for as long as Eric can remember — runs the space as a restaurant during business hours — and opens up the spot late night for private events."

-Eddie Brannan for Cityist (imagecredit: Cityist)

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